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Fixed an issue where players using high-speed NVMe SSDs would experience game freezes upon start-up.

Various issues that caused crashes have been fixed.

Fixed an issue where stuttering could occur on Diablo 4 gold higher-end machines (PC)

In preparation for Diablo IV’s global June 6 launch, Blizzard has dropped the first real update for the loot-grinding RPG that makes some pretty substantive changes to all five character classes. While most of them got nerfed, one class, the Necromancer, has been buffed to be even better than it was previously.

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Blizzard released the patch for all platforms on June 3, meaning folks with the Deluxe or Ultimate editions of the game have felt these tweaks, while everyone else jumping in on release day will experience the aftermath of the changes. As you’d expect with any update, there are fixes to address game crashes and stability problems. There are also some minor adjustments to mount names, button prompts, and stuttering occurrences, but all other changes center on Diablo IV gold the five character classes: Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer. Yeah, there are some disconcerting nerfs here that make the other classes kinda crummy, but hey, the already OP Dead Raiser is now even more OP.


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