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They've already made a major change and I thought it's important to mention it to WoW Classic SoD Gold anyone who hasn't been following in the wake of all the announcements about changes and changes coming up so that you don't have to come back and be amazed. If you enjoyed the video . Don't forget to hit that like button and sign up so that you don't miss the next one. We'll be seeing you in the next one. Keep it up.

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Why Are WoW Classic WOTLK Login Queues INSANE? - WOTLK News

Hey guys, stay safe here. Since I'm familiar with all of you know what this video will be about. Battlenet forums. The classic when Battlenet forums, subreddits that are classic, and all classic discord , which I'm sure all of you are involved in discussing this extremely, extremely annoying and a significant issue.

The login times for the classic WoW Wrath of Lich King pre patch has released in the last couple days, it is taking forever to login to some of these large servers. So let me start the video, which is basically much me complaining, it is difficult to WoW Season of Discovery Gold imagine it's the case of a service that you pay an annual fee for.


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