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Birmingham Blitz, Mary A Greenhill & Mary White, mother & sister of author Kathleen Dayus.

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

The family of Author Kathleen DAYUS


born 20 June 1867 died Thursday 10 April 1941 at 26 Camden Grove, Hockley

Resting in a private grave in Warstone Lane Cemetery Section S, plot 852

bur. reference 96110

Her daughter, Mary WHITE , formerly VINCENT nee GREENHILL

born 3 Feb 1893 died Thursday 10 April 1941 and killed by enemy action at 26 Camden Grove. Her home address was 119 Carver Street, Hockley. Buried in a private grave at Warstone Lane Cemetery Section S, plot 852

bur. reference 96111

Probate : 4 July 1941 . Effects £209. 8 Shillings and 4 pence. Wife of William Walter WHITE a painter and decorator.

Frank GREENHILL 1905-1975 is Mary Ann’s son, brother of Mary, and author Kathleen DAYUS.

Although Frank's daytime occupation was a Brass Moulder, his part time occupation during WWII was an Auxiliary fireman. He lived in Warstone Lane during this period and may have attended the scene where is mother and sister died in 1941.

Kathleen DAYUS and the lie about her birthday Her death index and the 1939 Register ( issue of ration books ) gives the date of birth 1 Feb 1903, and with two sources of information we may assume this to be a fact, but Kathleen’s (Kate) baptism / christening at St Pauls Church , Hockley Birmingham lists her birth 12 January 1903 and her baptism 28 January 1903 .

Parents had 42 days to register a birth and if the birth was not registered with the required time a fine would occur, therefore parents who were late registering the birth would give a later date of birth rather than run the risk of a fine as well as payment to register the event.

Once a fib has been told, such as an incorrect birth date, it usually carries on through life …. and death.

Research complied : J. Fielding 2004 Image: M. Beauchamp . Plaque: Jewellery Quarter Cemeteries Project

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