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The famous Warstone or Hoarstone

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

The Warstone / Hoarstone is a glacial made from the volcanic rock which was carried here from Wales by glacial ice. The Warstone was used as a Parish boundary where the manors of Birmingham , Aston, and Handsworth met. The stone has been in existence for thousand of years. Today the stone rests on a plinth and it is situated in Warstone Lane Cemetery , near the Lodge in Warstone Lane . The plinth that the stone rests on , has the following inscription:

Image of the famous War Stone
Friends of Birmingham Cemeteries | Image of the famous "War Stone"

This felsite boulder was deposited near here by a glacier during the Ice Age: being at onetime used as a parish boundary mark, it was known as the ‘Hoar Stone’ of which the modern War Stone is a corruption”

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